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About Wood Landscape Services: Who Is Tom Wood? (Click to Reveal Transcipt)

have we met you look awful familiar to
me you know I get that a lot and it’s
probably because you’ve seen me on NBC
4’s Today Show weekend edition as a
gardening expert where I did live
content on Saturday mornings and then I
tape Tom’s tips for Sunday’s well all
good things have to come to an end and
I’m no longer doing that anymore but I’m
really excited because we’ve launched
our own YouTube channel called would
landscape more about that in a minute I
graduated from The Ohio State University
back in the woody bow era with a degree
in landscape horticulture construction
and maintenance and then I work for a
number of contractors for probably 10
years learning as much as I possibly
could about the business side of
landscaping and I did that before
founding my own business in 1990 and
that’s something you may not realize
from me being on nbc4 is that I do in
fact own wood landscape services for
more about wood landscape services just
go to this video right here and for more
about our YouTube channel and all the
content that we’re going to be providing
you just click on this video right here
and we hope you’ll join us and subscribe
to our new channel just click this
button right here for your garden i’m
tom wood