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About Wood Landscape Services: Wood Landscape Services (Click to Reveal Transcript)

Wood Landscape Services is dedicated to
exceptional services whatever it takes
from landscape design to maintenance and
even pavement and water features there’s
no job too big or too small we spoke
with tom wood and he told us more about
wood landscape services and what they
can offer you tell us a little bit about
wid landscape and you’re you know
professional background well I own wood
landscape services and I found it at
nineteen ninety we primarily work in the
residential market and we do design
build and comprehensive maintenance
services I know a big thing coming up
going into the spring is bed maintenance
and maintenance on someone’s existing
landscaping as well so tell me what
things you know clients should be
wanting to do to their landscaping one
of the things that I think is unique to
us is that we actually tailor a
maintenance package for every specific
client so if we need bed maintenance
once a week we can do it or once a month
we can do it it really depends on the
client what the needs are and we really
tailor a package specific to each
individual client it’s an art and you
get what you pay for obviously so if a
homeowner is looking to utilize your
business what should a homeowner look
for when looking at in landscape
companies I think one of the biggest
things is you know evidence of the work
that you’ve done right so we’ve got a
lot of photographic evidence and that’s
one of the beauty beautiful things about
landscaping is its tangible you know
when you’re done you get to step back
and look and see what you’ve created so
see what style you like and does the
company have work that exhibits the kind
of style that you like make sure they’re
certified or they’ve got people that are
certified that are learning I mean if
you think about it were electricians
were carpenters were plumbers we’re
doing paving work where horticulturists
were entomologist because we’re dealing
with bugs all the time so you want to
have a company that’s really well versed
in all of those aspects and you guys
work a lot with natural stone as well
correct we do I think using natural
stones a dying art because of the
concrete manufactured stone and that’s
great we use a lot of that we’ve we’ve
lost some of the techniques using
feathers and wedges to cut natural stone
is something that we do so we do a lot
with natural stone I think that you need
to wood landscapes
so tell us how we can find you you can
find us on our website and call us today