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Tom About Town: Urban Farming with the Mid Ohio Food Bank (Click to Reveal Transcript)

had an opportunity today to catch up
with Yolanda Owen who’s with mid-ohio
food bank and you’ll on I’m really
impressed with the urban farm down here
I had no idea that you’re able to do
this for the community tell us about
what you’ve got going on yeah so urban
farms a central ohio’s a subsidiary of
Mid Ohio food bank and it’s such an
amazing program we’ve been able to do
this is our third growing season and
we’re out here at clearfield what
formerly was clear fill elementary
school well you went to school yes where
I went to school thank you and we’ve
been growing here for those three
seasons and we’re really excited we’ve
expanded and being able to just grow and
do community projects here how much
produce do you harvest in the course of
the year a lot so last year we were able
to do about 20,000 pounds of produce
last year and about half of that we were
able to give away through our farm stand
and through the community projects that
we do and Mid Ohio supports urban farm
and you’re trying to make it self
sustaining which is a challenge well
yeah so definitely it is a little bit
tough and so we’re still growing we’ve
put together kind of a five-year plan
and what we’ve been doing now is we have
some really amazing restaurant partners
that we work with and we’re able to sell
some of the produce as you can see the
tomatoes that we have here to some of
those restaurants here locally in the
city and can you use volunteer help how
could people get involved we can always
use volunteer help and so people can
sign up through volunteer hubs so that’s
mof be4 mid-ohio food bank volunteer hub
calm awesome well thanks for spending a
few minutes with us this morning this is
great and getting involved in the
community giving back to the community
is always a wonderful thing to do and of
course we’re passionate about gardening
atwood landscape services and this would
be a great place to get involved in four
year garden i’m tom wood