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Tom's Tips: Container Vegetable Gardening (Click to Reveal Transcript)

okay I’m out here on my patio enjoying a
nice summer day one of the things I love
to do is container gardening I actually
plant my vegetables in containers and
what I’ve done this year is I kind of
kept it simple I had a busy year I’ve
got a tomato plant and I actually put
some beets in there with my tomato plant
I’ve got a couple of green peppers in
one container and then I’ve got three
different containers of herbs I’ve got
some fennel I’ve got a bunch of
different kinds of oregano don’t need
that many for cooking but I love the
colors and textures that you can get
with the oregano plant I’ve also got
some tarragon in this plan in there in
this container I’ve got some basil and
then I added some catnip we’ve got a
couple of cats that we dry a little bit
of this catnip up and it’s a lot of fun
to watch them then I’ve just got another
container of herbs I’ve got some chives
over here again some more oregano so
it’s a real simple easy way to container
garden I did a decorative container over
here which is just for color and some
texture one thing I like is you can
control the all the conditions in the
container you can put the soil type that
you want they’re relatively easy to
water and fertilize throughout the
season you do need to make sure that you
fertilize them because when you water
frequently to keep the container moist
that fertilizer will leach through the
soil so you have to make sure that you
give good proper nutrition to your
vegetable gardens in containers for your
garden, I’m Tom Wood