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Tom's Tips: Take Photographs Now! (Click to Reveal Transcript)

hi I’m Tom Wood garden expert and this
video is brought to you by the dispatch
home and garden show and holiday fest
so one of the things I love to do before
winter time is I like to take a photo
record of my landscape in the current
season I’m just watering my containers
right now I used containers to do my
vegetables this year so i just got a
tomato and some peppers and some herbs
but i like to take a picture these guys
so that I can see what I planted this
year as i’m doing my planning for next
year i like to do that with my perennial
gardens because if I want to add bulbs a
little bit later this fall I’ve got a
spot or a record of where my bare areas
are to put those bulbs in I can also see
where I might want to add some
perennials into that perennial garden
I’d like to do with my annual flowers by
taking the record of my annual flowers I
see what worked and what didn’t work
some things work better than others I
had a few things some Sun berjaya that
Thun virgina that was out of control
this year and then the last thing it
does is it gives me a little opportunity
to be inspired in the wintertime when
it’s cold and snowy I can pull out those
photos see what I had and kind of look
forward to spring so it’s always a good
thing to take a photo record digital
photos are a great way of doing it you
can then take those pictures and label
them you can put them in a word document
and make notes on those pictures that
will also help you keep a good time line
record for future seasons if you like
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garden i’m tom wood hey thanks for
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