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Tom's Tips: Raised Garden Beds (Click to Reveal Transcript)

hey thanks for joining us we’re down up
the chadwick arboretum today in the
heart of the OSU campus and i’m joined
by adam wilcox who’s one of our
designers and account managers at wood
landscape services and adam what makes
this horticultural therapy garden work
from a design perspective well there’s a
number of things one you have the
element of a raised garden you can
certainly use those for annual plantings
you can use them for perennial plantings
you can use them for gardens you know
just basic tomatoes peppers you know
that kind of element the nice thing is
is that it has the ability to be raised
for the handicapped accessibility
certainly for older people when you’re
looking at me on that one right but but
but that’s true you know my knees aren’t
what they used to be and it’s hard for
me to get around your your younger and
you can manage that a little bit easier
so it’s nice when I have an opportunity
to garden and I really just have to
slightly bend over it’s more fun it
takes less time and I get more enjoyment
out of it right and that’s one of the
things that these kind of gardens is it
really is a good stress relief it may
not seem like it you’re learning so
you’re invested in what you’re doing and
it certainly is just kind of bringing
you back home you know we’re in a unique
setting in an urban setting speak to
that from a design perspective and where
we are there’s a number of things that
go in involved in this as well I mean
you’re in a downtown area there’s
traffic there’s noise it’s always
bustling and booming you know an area
like this where it’s enclosed by
evergreen material by deciduous material
allows you to kind of again escaped the
the normal reality take a deep breath
and enjoy the space that you’re in
awesome well Adam thanks for spending a
few minutes with us some great advice on
using or incorporating a raised planter
in your garden I encourage you to come
down to chadwick arboretum mary
Maloney’s the executive director does a
fantastic job with a lot of different
elements we’ve covered green roofs and
angled trial gardens as well as a
horticultural therapy garden here today
check back with us often thanks for
watching I’m tom