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Tom's Tips: Pruning Back Your Lilacs (Click to Reveal Transcript)

my tip today has to do when do you prune
or lilac I get a lot of questions about
when is the proper time to cut a lot
like back this is a dwarf Korean lilac
that I planted about seven years ago and
it’s getting kind of big it’s actually
overshadowing this peony that I’ve got
below so it wasn’t real good planning on
my part I’m not too concerned about this
plan I’m probably going to replace it so
I’m not going to worry about it I’m just
going to go in there and cut it back
pretty aggressively and get some of this
foliage away from the peony a lot of new
growth will emerge after I’ve pruned
like this the buds for next year are
going to are going to set on that new
growth if I wait too long to prune this
but if I prune it in the fall the flower
buds are are going to be set and I’m
going to be cutting those flower buds
off so you don’t want to prune these in
the fall if you want it to flower next
year it’s not going to kill the plant
it’s not going to hurt the plant you
just lose the flower buds for one season
so proper timing is important to keep
your flowers but keeping the plant in
scale and in control in your landscape
is also important you got a choice to
for your garden i’m tom wood