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Tom's Tips: Planning Annuals for Your Garden (Click to Reveal Transcript)

everybody welcome back you know there’s
a hidden gem in central Ohio and that
hidden gem is chadwick arboretum I’m
down here at the annual trial garden
here at chadwick arboretum on the OSU
campus and one of the things that as a
designer I struggle with every year is
what am I going to plant this year well
one of the great things that you can do
is come down to the trial gardens it’s
mid-july right now and you can see how
these different varieties some of some
of these are new introductions some of
them are old standbys but you can
actually see how these varieties are
performing in the garden get some
inspiration take lots of pictures write
down the names and then when you’re
planning your annual flowers for next
year it gives you some great ideas and
great specific names of what to use in
your garden so take advantage of
chadwick arboretum here in central Ohio
get down here and see the angles before
frost thanks for checking in for your
garden I’m tom wood