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Tom's Tips: How to Deal With Mushrooms (Click to Reveal Transcript)

come back in I’m with dr. Dave Shetler
and we’ve got fungus among this well
this year especially if you don’t have
fungi something wrong in your yard so so
what are the conditions there’s a thing
called the disease triangle explain what
how that relates to what we’ve got here
in the garden and in the proliferation
of fungal diseases this year when the
disease triangle they’re talking about
fungal pathogens something that might
attack your plants or something like
that dollar spot red thread and in the
disease triangle number one you got to
have the disease you got to have the
organism there but you have to have food
and water habitat for it in the right
environment for that and this year we’ve
had the right environment in this
particular case these are what we
consider to be benign fungi but I
consider them to be useful fungi because
this is a fungus in which the mycelium
are eating the fats the decaying organic
matter might show up mycelium is kind of
a growing body of actual fungus itself
this is the fruiting body the when it’s
decides to be sexy pop up okay and on
the underside of this cap it will
produce spores and those spores will
float around again and try to find again
at the right moisture the right
temperature and the right environment
with organic matter and if it’s moist
again pop back up again so these I
consider them beneficial you don’t have
to worry about them they’re going to the
hot Sun melt on down but if you just
mowed them off that would be fine also
it’s not going to hurt and if somebody
was really concerned about them really
they could just knock them over and
they’ll dry up yep absolutely
I get the question a lot from folks to
ID they’re they’re the mushrooms in
their yard and I will say I think I know
what that is but I always say I never
eat a mushroom that’s growing in my yard
there’s only about three experts that I
consider here in Ohio that I would trust
that I go out with and they say that’s
edible and that’s not edible but even
with that said I find that there are
some mushrooms that produce things that
each individual person can react to
and so they might give you an upset
stomach or a headache or something like
that may not kill you but you certainly
saw I buy my mushrooms in that package
or in the store yeah I like Kroger’s as
well the Whole Foods or wherever yeah
wherever alright so there you have it
fungus among us how you can treat it a
little bit more information about that
Dave thanks for joining us this morning
check backoff and for your garden I’m
Tom wood