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Tom's Tips: Holding Up Hydrangeas (Click to Reveal Transcript)

hi everybody I’m talking about
hydrangeas today and this is an
old-fashioned Annabelle hydrangea really
really beautiful gorgeous big white
blooms but one of the things with the
Annabelle is that as they grow during
the season these flower heads get so
heavy and you get a rainstorm and they
get weighted and then they flop and open
well my tip is early in the season when
they before they really start growing if
you take a tomato cage and put that in
the center of the plant what you’re
going to be able to do is keep a lot of
these Center stems vertical in the plant
and you’ll have a beautiful display
throughout the season by keeping those
contained more in the center so it’s
just a simple way early in the season is
too late to do it now I suppose you
could but it’d be hard to get it worked
up into the cage put that tomato cage in
early in the season and that will help
your Annabelle hydrangea display for the
rest of the season the other thing is
that hydrangeas are being bred for
repeat blooming and also the stems are
being bred so that they’re stiffer and
will hold the blossom and not spread
like this so look for those new
varieties that are coming out every year
for your garden i’m tom wood