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Tom About Town: Heartland Gardening (Click to Reveal Transcript)

think we kind of stay on track but we
all will if if we take time to get
together and cash out some ideas we all
have like every gardeners gotta you know
interpretation and so we’ll throw our
two cents in and that can sometimes
inform what we’re putting in there so
awesome you were going to say Michael
does a lot of great essays which he are
wonderful I do more trends and events
and then dead talks more plants and
recipes so we kind of ended up reaching
and then we do sometimes promotions like
we did 12 days of Christmas this one
that was that was her brain child and we
each came up with different things for
each day so I had five golden conifers
with my golden conifer yeah it was very
fun you should go back and look at I
will do that we will do that all right
tell me what your favorite plant is put
you on the spot you didn’t know I was
going to ask you that how about Phineas
I’ve grown him since I was ten it’s
great plan I like anything in the mint
family basil oregano rosemary thyme sage
etc parsley sage rosemary and thyme all
right I like daffodil daffodil why
daffodils oh very dependable they are
welcome in the spring and they’re almost
stupid simple to grow did you ever have
an opportunity to see Jill grow saves
property out in Granville yes millions
of daffodils on the hillside we really
have it all heaven that’s really
spectacular spectacular well guys thanks
for spending a few minutes with me this
afternoon thank you these guys really
know their stuff they’re really smart
people and they know gardening inside
now so I encourage you to go to hearten
heartland gardening tell us again how we
can find your blog ww Heartland ash
gardening calm for your garden on tom
hey I’m joined by the heartland
gardening consortium this afternoon and
they do a great job and have a blog and
I want them to introduce themselves
Debora Kennedy the garden sage Teresa
Woodard I’m a magazine writer okay yeah
Michael each I’m a magazine writer and
garden consultant how did you guys get
the idea to do a blog and come together
well we each thought about doing a blog
ourselves and then we were at a garden
Writers Conference in Indianapolis about
four years ago and when we are on our
second bottle of wine while waiting for
our table alcohol I’ll go we kind of
divide this idea that we had three
different ways of writing and looking at
at how to garden and that we should put
our efforts together together
great and so you can find us at
heartland gardening calm and we’re also
on social media with Instagram and
Twitter and all of that to so and so I
would imagine that the collaboration
that you guys have you know you’ve got
an idea you’ve got an idea you got it
you bounce ideas off of each other do
you ever find that you’re writing
something one direction and then you go
a different direction with a story