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Tom's Tips: Growing a Strawberry Patch (Click to Reveal Transcript)

okay I got this strawberry plant earlier
this season from Leo bear be bald
company and it’s a pineapple strawberry
which is a new introduction kind of a
neat plant but it was too early in the
season for me to plan outside because
the ground was still frozen so I put it
in a container and I overwintered it
kept it protected from freezing then
when the strawberry started growing I
noticed that these runners were coming
out and I thought what am I going to do
with the container should I go ahead and
start the strawberry patch so what I did
is I just dug a hole and buried the pot
halfway I’ve got drainage in the pot so
it’ll still drain and you’ll notice
these runners are coming out now and
you’ll see these adventitia sruti r that
are beginning to form and these are
going to root out into the soil this
one’s already rooted out here nicely and
I’ve got more coming so when the season
is over all I have to do is clip these
runners I can pull my pot over winter at
my cold frame I’ve got a strawberry
patch established here and if i want to
start another strawberry patch another
another location in the yard i’ll be
able to do that with the same other plan
so an interesting way it’s an experiment
I’ve never done it we’ll see how it
works we’ll check back in in a later
video for your garden I’m tom wood