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Tom About Town: Green Wall at OSU (Click to Reveal Transcript)

opposed to the ability to say step on
them sure we’re really struck by them
more by viewing them straight on why are
they looking upward it plus they use
carbon dioxide and produce oxygen which
helps us all exactly so the original
proposal at least was to cover we would
have four walls across this entire walls
would be much bigger you get a lot more
benefits for air filtration but you got
to start somewhere yes exactly so so
talk us through what plants you’re using
in this particular green wall so this
and let me and then let me say first
that there was an irrigation failure and
we’re going to cover that in another
video so people can come back and check
out what we need to do from an
irrigation standpoint so we’re looking
at a few of the plans that don’t look
great you’re cleaning those up right now
but let’s talk about what has worked yes
so you actually caught me in the act of
trimming back some of these plants
because we
did not see them take or at least root
as we’d hoped I’ll work while you talk
how’s that thank you thank you so we
have a couple different plants up here
the best one or at least the one that is
doing but so far is sedum the stone cop
and we also have at the very top grass
Northern Lights fess up on the top left
ok the ideas that will all grow in
together and actually will have
eventually it’ll be waving in the wind
so it actually gets very windy up here
nice and then this is a club moss it’s
actually Scottish ma Scottish moss ok
and I noticed you’ve got strawberries
yes those are actually ornamental
strawberries we got all these plants
from Mill Creek gardens ok we didn’t
anticipate planting some of these we
actually had a very refined plant list
for what would do Ellen full Sun and we
went down there they actually had such a
good selection of say these strawberries
aissatou m’a this creeping phlox the
mango tango butterfly mints even the
species of grass that we finally
selected was different than what we
planned and from a design standpoint
you’ve got different colors different
textures different sizes of those bands
and ways to create interest in the wall
it’s all going to benefit the
environment and in our next video we’ll
talk a little bit more about how the the
the actual green wall gets planted and
whether somebody could do this at home
because I think you could do this in
your backyard couldn’t you you
definitely could all it takes is up in
the right materials in the no house so
awesome Eric thanks for sharing this
with us sustainability is a big thing in
our world today so make sure you tune
back in and we’ll give you the details
of how to build a green more like this
for your guard
hey everybody i’m down at osu campus the
ohio state university campus and i met
Howard hall where I went to school many
years ago one of the things that they
did is they developed a green roof which
we’re going to show you in another video
but they’re also doing a cool thing
called a green wall and I caught up with
Eric van dusen who’s in the ee d s
program what does that mean the each
program stands for environment economy
development and sustainability it’s not
anything you would normally associate
with these type of building projects in
porta culture landscape design but it
really allows the students to pursue
their own whatever aspect of
sustainability they think is most
interesting or impactful they have
opportunities to research it so how does
the green wall that we’re looking at
here and we’ll talk about the specifics
of it here in a second but how does that
tie into the sustainability side for you
so there are actually a lot of
components that I’ve been researching
one of them is just the pier aesthetics
people are not used to plants growing up
a side of a wall like this sure and the
fact that it’s on a different
perspective you actually get a brand-new
viewing experience I guess of plants