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Tom's Tips: Get Your Landscape Ready for Winter (Click to Reveal Transcript

about the first is ornamental grasses
you know they get beautiful in the fall
you get that seed head developing and in
the wintertime as we get into winter
time people always say should I cut my
grass is down in the fall or late fall
or wait till the spring i like to wait
till the spring but one of the things
that i like to do is tie a piece of
twine around the base of the the all the
way around the grass i’ve done that
already and you can see it still has a
pretty decent shape what that allows me
to do as the grass begins to open up and
get blown around by the wind I can
tighten that up over the course of the
season and then next spring when I’m
ready to cut it down that’s nice and
tight I take my tree saw cut the grass
off and I’ve already got a bundle so
it’s a nice easy way to manage your
ornamental grasses through the winter
and enjoy them all winter long now the
final thing that I want to talk about is
when we cut back our perennials getting
them ready for winter we don’t want the
mulch to cover the Crown’s too early so
once these have all died back we’ve had
a couple of hard Frost I’ll cut them
back but then I’m going to make sure
that i bring mulch up around the crown
and the root zone of my perennials that
will help protect the root zone and
insulate it through the winter time and
help protect them getting through a hard
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I’ve got five simple tips to help get
your yard and your home ready for winter
time we’re going to talk a little bit
about gutters perennials ornamental
grasses hoses and birds
obviously in the fall we’ve got all the
leaves coming down and filling up our
gutters so it’s really important to make
sure you get your gutters cleaned out
you know if you’ve got low gutters that
you can handle with the ladder safely
that’s a inexpensive way to get your
gutters clean obviously services will
help you with that you can also get
gutter guards or screens to put over
which can help keep the leaves out of
the gutter one of the reason it’s real
important is that those leaves can flush
down into the conductor lines that go to
the street and if you’ve got any bends
in those lines those leaves come back up
and create a clog and then you’ve got a
much more expensive repair because you
got to get those lines snaked out so
cleaning your gutters that’s one of the
things you need to do getting ready for
one of the things I like to do going
into the fall is start feeding my birds
in September that way they get
accustomed to where the feeders are and
that they know that there’s food there I
like this feeder because I’ve got three
different opportunities to give
different kinds of seed I’ve got one
filled with thistle seed it’s designed
for finches that will come in here and
pack and get the Niger seed you want to
make sure you get Niger seed because
it’s been treated so that that seed
won’t germinate as it falls to the
ground I’ve got some suet and some
sunflower seed here which the Cardinals
love then I just simply got some crack
corn that chickadees like that there’s a
lot of different birds that will like
that kind of food mix but the main point
is that I’m doing it in September so
that when we get into December January
in February where the food sources for
the birds are really low they already
know where the feeder is
even the experts from time to time
forget to do a simple thing I forgot to
turn this hose bib off last fall and
disconnect my hose and my hose bib froze
and I had a leak inside the house you
always want to make sure that your hose
is turned off you release that pressure
in the hose get that turned off and
disconnected from the hose bib make sure
that that drains out you can see the
water is now draining out back to where
that stop is on the inside which will
keep it from freezing in the winter time
there’s two more things I want to talk