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Tom's Tips: Controlling and Repelling Mosquitos (Click to Reveal Transcript)

they collect these mosquitoes they come
in short the mountain they figure out
what species and switch when it’s a
species that might carry the disease
actually have it tested to see if it’s
got the disease okay and they don’t pull
the trigger until they find the right
mesquita at the right numbers and it’s
carrying the disease to the mosquitoes
build resistance to the sprays some
there’s some evidence especially on the
Seaboard area where they spray heavily
all the time but here in ohio most of
the insecticides that are used by the
the city and the state and
municipalities things like that they’re
not resistant to that all right so we’ve
got to have a stagnant pool of water and
we’ve got a pool of water right here
this is really shallow and this is
actually when the ohio beekeepers garden
right and and they use this to water the
bees right it’s shallow enough that the
bees can land on the surface here even
if they land in the middle of it they’re
not going to drown sure they’re not all
that bright and but they come in here
it’s also Sheldon enough whenever you
get like a quarter of an inch or a half
an inch rainfall that’s
flush it so if there were any mosquito
larvae in here it’s going to wash them
off to the side they can’t survive out
out there and it will dry if you don’t
get rain for that seven to ten days it
will dry up and that will kill the
mosquito larvae also so really the thing
that since we’ve had so much rain we’re
probably not seeing high populations yet
but if we get into a dry period and
we’ve got that stagnant water the tires
the deeper birdbaths we really should
pay attention to those and get those
empty need to get those empties people’s
kiddie pools things like that that they
may not have attended for a while
anything that keeps the water and allows
maybe leaves or grass clippings to get
into that makes great food for mosquito
larvae all right and here’s my last
final and here’s the money question
what’s the best repellents well
obviously the the medical community will
tell you that DEET is still the best one
now I’m allergic to deep right when I
even if i use the low rate DEET i get a
skin rash from that so i use a semi
organic material called Picard in’ and
and per carton is still available so if
people are sensitive to deep try that
per carton the only problem with the per
carton is that you have to reapply it
about every hour okay because it does
wear off is there a brand name card and
i found that the the too big you know
the deep woods group and the off group
both of them have per carton okay
products okay so as it begins to dry out
or if it ever begins to drought this
summer make sure you’re checking your
yard for any stagnant or standing water
for your garden I’m Tom would
hey everybody thanks for checking back
in I’m with dr. David shetler who’s an
entomologist with the ohio state
university and Dave we’ve had so much
rain this year and I’ve had a lot of
questions about mosquitoes and actually
have had a couple clients asked me to
treat for mosquitoes let’s talk about
the life cycle of mosquitoes and what
should we expect this year okay well as
you probably well no mosquitoes are
aquatic insects their larvae have to
live in water the important requirement
for the water is that it has to be
stagnant okay it has to stand there for
at least 10 days it takes those larvae
in the pupae at least 10 days to
complete their life cycle here in the
summertime there’s a couple of species
that might do it in seven days but
usually about 10 days is our target what
are the species that we should be
worried about in central Ohio well there
are several species mostly it’s it’s
Kuehl xq locita which are the ones that
transmit the things like the West Nile
fever and some of the encephalitis
diseases and so forth and this is what
annoys people they say I’m getting bit
by mosquitoes why isn’t the city
spraying for the maritas sure well the
health department is actually collecting
mosquitoes every night they go out