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Tom's Tips: Annual Flowers (Click to Reveal Transcript)

tom’s tip today has to do with planting
annual flowers you know it’s that time
of year where we like to put things in
the garden to get a pop of color these
are new guinean patients that really do
well I’m using these because we’ve had a
problem with downy mildew on the regular
impatience so I’m not even bothering
with those the new guineas will take a
part shade part Sun and I’ve got that
situation here you can see I’ve got them
spaced out and I’ve got a lot of
individual plans to do but one of the
things I like to do is I like to use
hanging baskets as a way to put a big
splash of color in the garden so I’m
just using this Thun burja in a hanging
basket and I’m going to plant this just
like I would a regular annual I’ve
already prepped this a little bit i’m
going to take the the wire hook off this
is an aggressive plant it’ll grow as a
vine and spread out through the ground
so I’m not too worried about what I’m
cutting off here one of the things i
always recommend is i love to use pine
bark mulch because pine bark mulch makes
a really nice soil amendment but we got
a big old rock in there you never know
what you’re going to find do you I’ve
always thought man if I could dig for
gold or I’d find that hidden treasure
but I’m doing it a long time I’ve never
found an arrow hit and never found
anything but anyway we’re going to dig
and prep this whole we always want to
put a ten-dollar plant and one hundred
dollar hole so I’m over digging it I’m
making sure it’s nice and loose I’ve got
good organic material in here with these
pine bark mulch helps amend the soil and
break up that claw I’m simply going to
turn that plant over i’m supporting the
bottom now here’s another thing to pay
attention to we’ve got all this heavy
routing that’s circled the plant we want
to break that up you can be pretty
aggressive with that loosen that up take
your pruners and slice it I’m just kind
of tearing it it’s okay won’t hurt the
plant that’s going to help keep that
from getting rebound and it will
establish better when we get her in the
ground just a plant that backfill
I don’t like to stomp on the soil i like
to firm it in with my hand all the way
around simple see the soil we’ve been
amending it over time it’s a good rich
soil stuff out the plan now this is
going to spread like a vine throughout
the garden be a nice pop of yellow color
in the garden they do that in
conjunction with my smaller annual
flowers and it’s a great way to cover
some big ground for your garden I’m Tom Wood