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About Wood Landscape Services: About Wood Landscape YouTube Channel (Click to Reveal Transcript)

hey thanks for checking back in i’m tom
wood and i had a lot of fun doing the
gardening segments on NBC 4 and i’m
having just as much fun producing our
own videos now for our youtube channel
would landscape well what are you going
to find on our channel you’re going to
find toms tips where I give short
concise useful information that will
save you time and money and your home
landscape you’re going to find Tom about
town where I’m going to go out into the
community the different suburbs and I’m
going to highlight gardening and
landscape programs that are in your
community to give you that information
then you’re going to find Tom under
construction where we’re going to go out
to wood Landscape Services projects and
we’re going to show you how you build a
project show you more in depth about
what we do so if you want to learn more
about wood landscape services click here
if you want to learn more about me click
here and we hope you’ll subscribe to our
new YouTube channel would landscape by
clicking this button right down here
we’ll see you next time for your garden
i’m tom wood