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About Wood Landscape Services: About Wood Landscape Services (Click to Reveal Transcript)

hey thanks for checking back in i’m tom
wood and you may recognize me from the
weekend edition of NBC for today where I
did live gardening segments on Saturday
morning and I taped Tom’s tips for
Sunday morning well you may not realize
that I also own wood landscape services
i founded wood landscape services in
1990 with a passion for creative design
and unparalleled craftsmanship where we
design build and maintain exceptional
outdoor environments that you can enjoy
I’m really proud of our team of
professionals who work in all kinds of
weather all year round to build a patio
create an outdoor space or simply
maintain your landscape in a way that
will save you time and let you do things
that you enjoy doing for more
information about our new YouTube
channel would landscape services click
here for more information about me you
can click here and we’d love for you to
subscribe to our new channel and to do
that all you have to do is click this
button down here we’ll see you next time
for your garden i’m tom wood